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Superintendent of the Year Award

In 1983, our Chapter decided to recognize one of our members on an ongoing basis for exceptional accomplishment and effort in promoting the Association in its cause at the Chapter level. It was decided to institute a "Superintendent of the Year” award.

Criteria for this award was established: The individual chosen must have exhibited a high degree of energy and accomplishment at the Chapter level in the areas of education, programs, special promotions, administrations, and committees. It was also included in the criteria that the individual chose should have spent time serving in their own community in service clubs, church activities, or youth and/or senior organizations.


The selection of the award recipient is done by the current President, after receiving nominations from the Board of Directors.


All the individuals who have received this award have been very instrumental in the progress of our chapter over the years. Their hard work and dedication have proven them to be deserving of the award.


These individuals have demonstrated to all members of the Chapter the kind of commitment it takes to make the Chapter a leader in the State of California. The Redwood Empire Chapter is proud of these people and is confident that our tradition will continue for many years to come.


Superintendent of of the Year Award Recipients

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